DRONE Berlin International Exhibition & Conference 2017

MRTech SK as a representative of Consortium of NVIDIA community members shows here the compact comprehensive solution based on the NVIDIA Jetson Tegra X1 supercomputer module for multi-camera embedded, 3D Vision, airborne and other mobile applications.

Key features of the presented platform:

  • Revolutionary NVIDIA Maxwell™ and Pascal™ architectures
  • Extremely diversified and highly modular XIMEA camera family xiC / xiX
  • CUDA® parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA
  • Outstanding Fastvideo SDK for high-performance imaging on NVIDIA GPUs
  • MRTech software for building full image processing pipelines.

Complete set for UAV or embedded system includes the following components:

  1. NVIDIA Jetson TX1 / TX2
  2. Up to four XIMEA xiC / xiX cameras
  3. xiLab Phoxi carrier board
  4. Proprietary MRTech and Fastvideo imaging software.


There will be two exhibits based on the comprehensive platform at our booth in Berlin.

Case 1.

Multi-camera compact vision system equipped by:
– three XIMEA xiC / xiX color cameras with PCIe / USB3.1 interfaces, 3x 3.1MP, up to 75FPS for each camera in the case,
– new generation of NVIDIA embedded supercomputer modules – Jetson TX2,
– MRTech image processing (color, denoise, streaming).
It should be noted, that TX2 module has half of computing resources free for user application after processing.

Case 2.

5K drone surveillance system with:
– XIMEA xiX series color camera with PCIe interface, 20MP sensor, and up to 33FPS performance,
– additional 5MP subminiature XIMEA camera from xiMU camera family,
– NVIDIA Jetson TX1 supercomputer module,
– MRTech imaging software including Fastvideo color processing, h.265 encoding, SSD writing, and streaming.

Welcome to DRONE Berlin 2017!

21-22 September 2017
Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin Germany