About company

MR Technologies (MR Tech™), at its core, is a team of brilliant hardware and software engineering minds on a mission to revolutionize the server and the semiconductor markets.

MR Tech reconstructs the traditional hardware and software paradigm of microprocessors. The result is a fundamentally different experience of power consumption in servers

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Products and solutions

MR Tech™ is creating new software & hardware server platform based on the modern COTS technologies including high performance Processor Card Set, Modular Server and Basic Software for them.

MR Tech focus is clearly:

  • Implementation of ARM-based power efficient cores and processors

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Latest blog update


MR Technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of a new web site. The site redesign was initiated to offer visitors an intuitive, user-friendly way to learn more about the company and to retrieve timely and useful information about MR Tech products and solutions. Today, anyone who is interested in learning more about a multi‐core

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