MRTech projects and solutions

On this page we present integrated camera system and machine vision solutions suitable for wide range of industrial, scientific, entertainment applications.

All the systems are based on versatile industrial, scientific XIMEA cameras or cameras and sensors from other top-line manufacturers.

Each example of the solutions uses original high performance processing software, applies advanced technologies to deliver images to a particular application, has been created, developed and tested by MRTech SK company.


Our key customers

Embedded Vision and NVIDIA Jetson computers

We introduce compact comprehensive solutions based on the NVIDIA Jetson supercomputer modules for multi-camera embedded, 3D Vision, airborne and other mobile applications.

It means imaging systems which rely on small feedback time, like autonomous cars, copters or drones, mobile robots that should be remotely controlled via Ethernet, wireless network, radio-connection, etc., and when just one camera can’t be enough to get full info from controlling objects.

As general, the solutions include XIMEA cameras, NVIDIA computer hardware and MRTech SK software.



  • Drones and UAV, Aerial mapping system
  • Autonomous Robotic Systems
  • Industrial Embedded Imaging
  • 3D Vision

Multi-camera configuration

In total, up to eight high-performance cameras can be used and connected to Jetson in a single system, including:

  • XIMEA PCIe cameras of xiX series
  • XIMEA USB3 cameras of xiC and xiQ series
  • USB3 cameras from other manufacturers
  • Cameras can have a resolution up to 50 megapixels, and their number is mainly determined by the performance of the chosen NVIDIA Jetson module

Hardware Configuration

  • NVIDIA Jetson TX1 / TX2 / Nano / Xavier computers
  • XIMEA xEC2 customized carrier for Jetson TX1 / TX2 /TX2i
  • ConnectTech carriers for Jetson modules such as TX2 or Xavier
  • Jetson Nano and AGX Xavier Developer Kits
  • Receiving and communication hardware



To meet customer’s requirements every solution has all necessary software to start using it in an application. Uploaded software package usually includes:

  • Linux for Tegra (L4T) operating system
  • CUDA computing platform with necessary utilities
  • XIMEA programming interfaces (xiAPI) and tools
  • MRTech run-time application with arranged pipelines for all connected cameras with a wide variety of processing modules such as:
    • acquisition and synchronization
    • color images pre-processing, RAW processing, format transformations
    • SSD writing, rendering on a screen
    • H.264/H.265 encoding, RTSP streaming, etc.
  • user and program interfaces to control cameras and application

When necessary, MRTech SK provides customization of its software in accordance with an agreed specification.


Receiving station

RTSP streams from all or separate cameras can be received using VLC app on one of the devices such as Macbook with MacOS, desktop / notebook with Windows or Linux OS, Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.

MRTech SK offers its own HW / SW solution for the receiving station.


Please, see tests results and ask your own configuration. –>


High-performance Multi-camera systems

MRTech SK proposes ready for operation and customized solutions for high-load video applications and systems with large number of cameras.

Generally, such systems use high resolution cameras with high frame rate, multiply viewpoints and synchronous capturing. An application running on a system of this type should be capable of capturing images from many high-resolution cameras, sometimes transmit the data for long distances with up to 64Gb/s bandwidth, process and store images without loss. Usually it is also necessary to synchronize many cameras with lights, to manage and monitor the filming process.

Our solutions make it possible to do it all by bringing together modern technological capabilities and customer requirements.



  • 360 Panorama, VR and AR – Virtual and Augmented reality
  • Sports imaging and broadcast
  • Cinematography and Entertainment


  • Multiply high-performance (up to 12 MPix) XIMEA cameras xiX series
  • One or several mega-resolution (up to 65 MP each) or high-speed XIMEA cameras (up to 3500 FPS) xiB/xiB-64 series


  • Powerful computer workstation with e.g. Intel i9 or AMD Ryzen processor
  • One or several top NVIDIA GPU cards
  • PCIe fiber optical cable with up to 100m length
  • XIMEA xSwitches for multi camera connection


Image processing

  • Windows / OS Linux
  • Multi-camera acquisition
  • RAW & Color image CUDA processing when and where needed
  • SSD writing
  • Encoding/decoding and RTSP streaming if necessary
  • Implementation of real time video processing algorithms
  • Camera synchronization
  • Multi-windows control interface


Common results

  • Data bandwidth from 16 Gbit/s to 64 Gbit/s, with real data throughput up to 7000 MB/s
  • Maximum performance for chosen hardware configuration
  • Zero latency processing (from several ms to scores of ms)
  • Additional features and options such as on demand customization of hardware / software setup


High-end scientific XIMEA cameras

The crucial business area of XIMEA company is the development and production of innovative scientific cameras. There are two classes of the company’s products in this area:

  • High-performance Scientific CMOS front and back illuminated cameras with PCIe interface
  • Cooled sCMOS USB3 cameras with Power Delivery (PD) technology support

The products highest quality and unprecedented openness of XIMEA team to their customers are especially impressive and effective in these segments of the machine vision market.

We are proud that MRTech is not only a distributor of XIMEA, but also helps to their customers to implement sophisticated ideas and projects at the new frontiers of science. That’s is why we’re continuing to bring to market our products and services.

Here’re some of them:

  • Guidance in Industrial and Scientific camera area, pre-project expertise
  • HW / SW design, optimization of vision system architecture and low-level integration of technologies
  • Software development including capture and delivering of images, image pre- and post-processing, disk writing, user interface, etc.
  • Customer support

Please, write to us about your project and ask if you need a consultation.