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MR Tech IFF SDK online demo

The online demo shows how MRTech IFF SDK can be used to stream video from a machine vision camera connected to NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module to a client browser. It also demonstrates IFF SDK capabilities to remotely control acquisition and processing parameters at runtime.

The video from camera is streamed over WebRTC via Janus gateway, so the video stream is compatible with most browsers.

Hardware configuration

Camera with lens:

  • XIMEA MX031CG-SY-X2G2-FL camera with 3.1 MPixel (2058 x 1544) resolution and PCIe interface
  • VS Technology SV-10028H 1″ 100mm F2.8 long-focus lens
  • Linear glass polarizing filter mounted on the lens to compensate for window reflections

Computing module:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX 16GB module
  • NVIDIA developer kit as a carrier board
  • Adapter board to connect XIMEA xiX camera to PCIe M.2 port

Demo usage how-to

After access to the online demo page, the following functionality and information is available to you on four tabs.

Elements tab:

  1. View the video stream and the control viewing window: in a built-in frame, in full screen, or picture-in-picture mode.
  2. Start/stop video stream from the camera.
  3. Set the exposure, gain and white balance.
  4. Enable/disable auto-exposure and auto white balance.
  5. Save and download single raw (DNG) frame from the camera.
  6. Get information about the used processing elements running on NVIDIA GPU.
  7. Set the desired encoder bitrate.

Config File tab that shows the configuration file contents for the application in use.

App log tab that shows the last 30 lines of the application log file with an update every 5 seconds.

About tab for help.

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