ACHTEL 9×7 Digital Cinema Camera

The requirements for cinematographic camera equipment are primarily concerned with the quality and format of the output image and the camera performance (output framerate). Also, the following video production usually requires source, raw footage of each recorded scene.

This fully applies to ACHTEL cameras.

Pawel Achtel and his company Achtel Pty Limited specialising in all aspects of motion picture production and cinema innovation technologies. As they write on the 24× ( website, their footage and equipment have been used in many flag-ship films and gained multi-award-winning recognition. Their particular attention to image quality is based on scientific and factual approaches resulting in the world’s sharpest images above and underwater.

For us, Achtel’s command of sharpness and color is magnificent. Pawel transforms its passion for innovation into ecstatic beauty. Just look at the videos on their Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

We are proud that the MRTech team was and is involved in the development of the ACHTEL 9×7 Digital Cinema Camera. Our participation in the project without a doubt helped Pawel Achtel to create the innovative product with unprecedented technical characteristics, such as camera resolution, sharpness and color quality of the camera output image. Here are our contributions:

  • discussing and recommending hardware configurations,
  • prototyping the camera software at the initial stage,
  • stress testing of the hardware,
  • developing solutions for camera calibration, optimal image recording, image format conversion,
  • assistance in developing the camera’s user interface,
  • last but not least, implementation of the image color pre-processing pipeline and the suggested image processing algorithms.