HEAP Teleoperation with Ibex

Multi-camera video system at Bauma 2019 Show

The teleoperation and simulation platform integrated with Multi-camera vision system based on industrial cameras from XIMEA which are using low-latency image processing solution provided from MRTech was successfully demonstrated at Bauma 2019 Show in Munch in April 2019.

The hydraulic excavator for an autonomous purpose (HEAP) located in Zurich was remotely operated from Munich over the Internet.

The teleoperation and simulation platform (IBEX) equipped with the MRTech low latency video-streaming solution allows teleoperation of an excavator in a real-time mode. An operator gets visual feedback through screens and a head-mounted display.

Current configuration of the complete solution

Imaging Hardware:

  • Two 3.1 Mpix (Sony IMX252) XIMEA cameras
  • Connected to NVIDIA Jetson TX2 through carrier board

Imaging Software:

  • Provides up to 60 fps of synchronized image acquisition from each of the two XIMEA cameras
  • Real time processing is offering H.264/H.265 encoding and streaming (plus black level, white balance, demosaicing, autoexposure …)
  • Glass-to-glass latency over 4G/5G networks: ~50 ms



The teleoperation platform IBEX was developed in the Robotics Systems Lab from ETH Zurich.

The low-latency image processing solution is the MRTech’s product for unmanned vehicles. It runs on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 platform and based on XIMEA industrial cameras and carrier board for TX2.

HEAP (hydraulic excavator for an autonomous purpose) is a customized Menzi Muck M545 developed for autonomous use cases as well as advanced teleoperation.



Menzi Muck AG

ETH Zürich, Robotic Systems Lab