Image processing

High-performance software for image processing

Image and video processing is a part of any Machine Vision system. MRTech SK develops proprietary cross-platform software for building full image processing pipelines for that systems. We offer service to implement, customize, and support integrated software solutions for virtually any customer’s hardware. Our cross-platform software has all basic functions for image processing and allows to add any filters, libraries, primitives, SDK which needed for a particular machine vision system.



  • Cross-platform software
  • Flexible processing which is open for integration with customer’s and third-party application software
  • Main thing is that we can achieve maximum performance for the customer’s particular hardware/software configuration

Basic features


  • Acquisition of images and camera synchronization
  • Colour images pre-processing
  • Rendering on a screen
  • Encoding/decoding and streaming
  • Format transformations
  • Disk writing, etc.


  • X86, Apple, NVIDIA GPU, ARM
  • Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android
  • XIMEA API and tools for comfortable use of XIMEA cameras


Examples of processing software

  • Fastvideo Lab software for high speed imaging on NVIDIA GPUs
  • Real time video processing algorithms implemented in compact low power hardware such as:
    • Real-time object detection, localization and classification based on state of the art neural net
    • Robust real-time object tracking algorithms etc.

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