Image processing

Image Flow Framework

Image and video processing is a part of any Machine Vision system. MRTech company offers the service to implement, customize, and support integrated software solutions based on the own processing framework. Our cross-platform software has all basic functions for image processing and allows to add any filters, libraries, primitives, SDK which needed for a particular machine vision system.

MRTech original Image Flow Framework ( IFF ) is a cross-platform software for building full image processing pipelines in machine vision systems.
Key features of IFF:

  • Lego-style, multi-thread, scalable architecture
  • Easily configurable Image Flow manager
  • Open for a wide range of image filters, libs, primitives, etc.
  • NVIDIA CUDA and FastVideo software friendly
  • Runs on heterogeneous CPU / GPU systems
  • XIMEA cameras xiAPI compatible

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The functional of processing software:

  • receiving data from camera (multiple cameras) or other image sources,
  • recording data in the memory of the computer system,
  • writing raw or processed images to the disk with maximum performance,
  • display real-time images or video, streaming,
  • compression, encoding and decoding a sequence of image,
  • color processing, image correction,
  • management of image and video processing, etc.


Operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Android

Processed API and SDK:



Hardware compatibility*:

  • Intel®, AMD based workstations, Intel® NUC, Intel® Joule™, MicroTCA platform,
  • Top- and middle-class NVIDIA® cards,
  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ TK1 and Jetson™ TX1 System-on-Module,
  • Apple Inc. MacBook including those that have NVIDIA® cards,
  • Odroid XU3 / XU4.

*Implemented and have tested in the MRTech Lab.