High performance JPEG2000 codec on NVIDIA GPU from MRTech

As indicated on the page below, JPEG2000 codec is a part of MRTech IFF software and MRTech CUDA SDK implementations. Here is a description of SDK JPEG2000 module.

As known, JPEG2000 is usually used for the image compression standard or the compression algorithm, while JP2 and J2K names are used for the format of files obtained by with the JPEG2000 algorithm. We apply JPEG2000 and J2K terms to refer to high-performance encoding and decoding modules from MRTech IFF and MRTech CUDA SDK.

So, MRTech GPU JPEG2000 codec is a full implementation of both compression and decompression JPEG2000 algorithms using NVIDIA GPU technology with a focus on high performance, real-time, machine vision camera application.

MRTech GPU JPEG2000 codec specification


  • working with color and grayscale images with arbitrary width and height
  • lossless and lossy encoding and decoding
  • bit depth in the range 8-16 bits
  • code-block size 16x times;16, 32x times;32 or 64x times;64
  • chroma subsampling modes: 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0
  • image quality in the range of 0 – 100
  • tile support, rate control
  • window mode for fast decoding of big images
  • modes of operation:
    • low-latency mode
    • high performance mode

Advantages of JPEG2000 algorithm and its implementation


  • Extra fast JPEG2000 encoding and decoding;
  • 12-bit and 16-bit implementation;
  • The ability to process giant images horizontally;
  • Lossless compression if needed;
  • High image quality when using the lossy mode
    (blurring instead of artifacts of JPEG algorithm);
  • Transmission loss tolerance;
  • The ability to define encoding file size;
  • Proven in highly loaded applications, production-style code;
  • Compatibility with Windows-7/8/10, Linux, L4T.


Example of applications for MRTech GPU JPEG2000 codec


  • JPEG2000 for cameras with high resolution and bit depth.
  • J2K codec to work with aerial and satellite images.
  • Lossless encoding for 16-bit scientific cameras in real-time, J2K in medical applications.
  • Still image encoding and decoding with JPEG2000 algorithm.
  • J2K for embedded Jetson for drone applications.
  • Digital cinema applications, DCP creation, MXF player, remote color grading.


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