IFF SDK release v1.7 Planai

January 8, 2024

In early 2024, we announce the next v1.7 Planai* release of our flagship product, MRTech IFF SDK.

Utilising the IFF SDK simplifies and significantly reduces development time for machine vision systems, especially when high performance and superior image quality are required for the most demanding applications.

With this release, we have added a new v4l2cam component to the SDK with support for the Video for Linux API version 2 (V4L2 API) specification, which opens up the possibility for developers to use the IFF SDK in their NVIDIA Jetson-based systems with MIPI cameras.

We have already checked our SDK with several MIPI sensors, for example with the popular Arducam 12.3MP HQ Camera modules based on the IMX477 sensor connected to the Jetson via 2 or 4 MIPI lines.

Thus, the IFF SDK now supports most modern machine vision cameras with GenICam interface, embedded MIPI cameras, and as always XIMEA cameras. Please note that as part of our support, we verify, test, and provide SDK compatibility with the camera brands and models used by the customers.


In addition to V4L2 support, the Planai release allows you to migrate to new NVENC presets in the encoder component to ensure compatibility with future releases of NVIDIA GPU drivers.

To learn more about all the IFF SDK features, please visit the product page on the MRTech website and our company’s Github account, where IFF SDK documentation and sample applications are now available.

IFF SDK for image processing

MRTech on Github

Image processing on Jetson

* The cover photo of this release was taken from Planai Mountain in Styria, Austria at the height of the recent festive season.